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David Sims Photographs His Second Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

David Sims returns for his second season shooting the Marc Jacobs mainline advertising campaign. (Sims first photographed Miley Cyrus for the S/S 2014 ads). This time, the British photographer shoots the Fall 2014 campaign with a sci-fi theme evidently being portrayed within this particular image. Styled by Katie Grand, models Julia Nobis and Waleska Gorczevski wear minimalist beige outfits teamed with leather satchels. Thus far, we only have the one campaign image but it's a hit with most of our forum members..

Ad Campaign Marc Jacobs F/W 14.15 David Sims


"Love it! This reminds me of the old Balenciaga campaigns by Sims," commented zacatecas570.

Justaguy was also impressed: "Oh man, so glad this wasn't shot by Juergen Teller! I'm actually loving the extreme minimalism of this campaign. Yes, Julia and Waleska look like mannequins but I think that's the point and part of the allure with the minimalist feel David Sims wanted to get across."

Emmanuelle shared a positive attitude and wrote, "Yes they look like mannequins that could be put on a shop front, but that's the aim (like Anna in the Versace campaign)! So of course it looks a bit awkward, lifeless but it is very well executed. I like the fact that the background is simple, and the light blue works well with the colors of the clothes. It's very cold and weird, but I like."

"Oh I absolutely love this! I can feel the coldness and sterility and I love those colours. Waleska looks amazing, and hopefully more models will surface. Switching to Sims was a very good idea," wrote anlabe32.

However, not everyone was satisfied with TREVOFASHIONISTO commenting, "I feel like this could have been better executed with a cool theme had Juergen photographed it."

"I'm not quite sure about this, it feels a little too sci-fi for me," wrote Riseup.

Stay tuned for the full campaign, but in the meantime, check out the thread and join the discussion here.