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Kendall Jenner, Mariacarla Boscono and More Score Givenchy Fall 2014 Campaign

The first images of Givenchy's Fall 2014 campaign have leaked in our forums, and it looks like Riccardo Tisci & Co. is going with a gothic vibe for this season's ads, shot by Mert & Marcus. Posing alongside Givenchy darling Mariacarla Boscono is Julia NobisVeroniek Gielkens, Jamie Bochert, socialite Peter Brant and Alessio Pozzi. And who's that peeking out from the left side of the image? Oh, just Kendall Jenner, NBD, scoring her first major high-fashion ad campaign.

Image: Givenchy

Image: Givenchy

Jenner walked in the label's Fall 2014 show, rounding out the impressive season of catwalk appearances, having also twirled in the Marc Jacobs and Chanel shows. It looks like Riccardo Tisci loved her so much, that he decided to throw her in his latest set of ads. Though, it probably doesn't hurt that he's BFFs with Jenner's older sister, Kim Kardashian

These likely aren't the last images from the campaign. As tFS forum member miguelalmeida points out, "From what I'm seeing, every girl Riccardo posted on Instagram with the hashtag 'Givenchy Girl' or 'Givenchy Gang' (don't remember) is starring in the ad, there were at least 12/14 girls! So let's wait and see!"

Image: Givenchy

Image: Givenchy

As you can expect from this diverse casting, members of theFashionSpot are undecided about the campaign. "Very weird cast if you ask me…." wrote valliaddict.

"Weird cast indeed. I like Julia but I don't know what she's doing here? Not even going to mention about Kendall, but I'm not surprised she's here. I'm glad Veroniek is featured, she opened the show after all but I wish we would see her more in the picture. I'm excited to see more of this!" shared Valentine27.

TeeVanity was impressed Brant is part of the cast: "Wow, Stephanie Seymour's son Peter Brant is the leading male model. I really like this campaign."

Although mistress f was less than impressed over the casting and wrote, "Peter Brant and Kendall Jenner. Shame on you, Riccardo. Casting aside, I like the gothic vibe that comes across instantly. Other than that…"

"The group shot is interesting, my eyes went straight to MariaClara. So bored with the black and white images they always do though," enthused TheoG.

Any guesses who additional cast members might be? Join the conversation in our forums!