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First Vogue and Now Marie Claire, Blake Lively Scores Yet Another Magazine Cover (Forum Buzz)

Blake Lively‘s certainly making the rounds these past few months; after landing Vogue‘s August issue, she’s now fronting the September 2014 issue of Marie Claire, celebrating the magazine’s 20th anniversary. The former Gossip Girl star was shot by Guy Aroch for the front cover as well as for a series of images inside the issue. Blake wears a dress from Gucci‘s latest collection as she’s captured up against a battleship gray backdrop with contrasting font colors. The cover should be a hit on newsstands…

US Marie Claire September 2014 Blake Lively Guy Aroch


…but it isn’t a hit with most of our forum members. GlamVal kicked off the thread by simply commenting, “H O R R I B L E,” which set the predominantly negative tone.

“The text, for Chrissake! So little, yet so overwhelming. Not a bad image though she looks a bit robotic. I don’t mind Blake at all, but yet another major cover so soon?” posted Benn98.

Sharing his lack of interest was honeycombchild: “Ouch. Everything about this is awful for me. Colors, text, the shot itself…”

Cosmic Voices has noticed Blake’s presence everywhere and wrote, “This love affair with covering Blake recently has GOT TO STOP!”

“What a weird and awful cover… A far cry from Blake and Guy’s beautiful cover shoot for Marie Claire UK a few years ago,” commented catalytic.

“Blake’s face looks horrible. It seems like the pose is very painful. I prefer much more her last US Vogue cover. Everything is wrong in this cover: makeup, her hair, styling, fonts and layout. And I still don’t understand why she has another cover,” disapproved narcyza.

There’s a lot of disappointment inside the thread, but are you a fan? Do you like seeing Blake on the cover of magazines? Check out her accompanying cover story and post your own opinion here.