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Liu Wen Scores Numéro China’s September Cover (Forum Buzz)

She may have been omitted from the U.S. Vogue September cover, but Liu Wen doesn’t need to be too upset about it. She landed her own September cover where the spotlight is all hers. For Numéro China, she was shot by up-and-coming photographer Txema Yeste — and she looks absolutely stunning.

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Forum members were upset last week when it was revealed that Liu was not part of U.S. Vogue’s September cover with the current crop of top models. Having been the first Asian model of the new generation to achieve enormous commercial success with her Estée Lauder contract, while still being a high-fashion darling who made it into the top three of’s rankings, she would surely have deserved her spot on that cover. But while the U.S. Vogue cover is receiving mostly bad feedback, Liu’s Numéro cover is a hit.

“Awesome cover, cool to see Liu,” posted KateTheGreatest

“What a fantastic cover! Liu Wen is absolutely amazing here. Everything is perfect: simple hair, pretty interesting makeup and great styling, the pose is really cute too,” exclaimed narcyza.

“Visually striking and I love the slight creepiness of it. Great cover,” agreed annavtree.

“This cover is quite simply gorgeous. Everything about it is drawing me in. Easily my favorite September cover so far,” added Bobby153.

Between this and Vogue, this may be the less prestigious cover, but it’s definitely the better one.