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Ouch! Vogue Thailand’s September Cover ‘Could Be an ELLE Cover’ (Forum Buzz)

In what seems to be a never-ending cavalcade of September covers, we now take a look at what Vogue Thailand produced for the most important issue of the year. For September 2014, the magazine enlisted Hana Jirickova as its cover model, who was shot by David Bellemere. The 23-year-old model from the Czech Republic is no stranger to his lens; they’ve shot together on numerous occasions for both French and Spanish Vogue. This time around, the pair took to the streets and riverbanks of Paris to showcase the season’s new pieces. On the cover, we see Hana model an outfit from Louis Vuitton, while posing on some steps leading down to the riverfront.

Vogue Thailand Sept 14 Hana Jirickova


It seems our forum members share mixed opinions regarding the cover. “What a depressing ugly cover. Could be an ELLE cover,” commented an underwhelmed jeffandtheworld.

“It´s depressing indeed. The styling and layout are horrible, there’s nothing eye catching about this…” agreed kokobombon.

Valentine27 shared, “I’m with you regarding the depressing feeling of the cover. One or two good images in the editorial but that’s it. ‘Paris, c’est chic!’ is such a boring theme and it feels like we’ve seen it a hundred times before.”

“I quite like Hana, so no complaints from me. Sure the image doesn’t work as a cover but she looks good regardless, they could’ve chosen another shot from that ed. It’s quite novel of them to showcase an autumn backdrop other than your standard ‘girl in a forest’ vibe,” posted Benn98.

We did have a select group of members who admired the cover, however. “I love this girl! It’s a nice cover, I don’t like the text — it doesn’t flatter the picture at all, but the styling is great (especially the shoes),” exclaimed Srdjan.

GlamorousBoy was impressed: “I am shocked how good [a] cover it is for VT!”

Are you a fan? Check out the thread to find Hana’s full cover story in HQ, and feel free to add your own two cents here.