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Aww! Natasha Poly and Baby Daughter Make the Cover of Vogue Paris (Forum Buzz)

Cue the oohing and awwing as Natasha Poly and her baby daughter land the cover of Vogue Paris. Natasha and Aleksandra Christina posed for Mario Testino for the magazine’s October 2014 cover, which is based around the idea of families. Natasha is certainly part of the French Vogue family, scoring two covers this year, while this recent cover marks Natasha’s ninth for the French fashion bible. This time around, we see the 29-year-old Russian beauty with a blue mohair Gucci coat draped around her shoulders as she cradles her baby daughter. Cute, right?

Vogue Paris Oct 14 Natasha Poly


Our forum members cannot stop expressing their admiration for the cover. “I love it!! It has a classic painting ‘Virgin with Child’ feel to it!! And that Gucci coat is just phenomenal!” wrote ToniOrtega, kicking off the thread on a positive note.

“It really does look classic and Aleksandra looks adorable. Very reminiscent of the Givenchy shot of Mariacarla with her baby. So let’s see, this is the second Vogue Paris cover for Natasha in three months and the seventh(?) Vogue cover so far in 2014; she is iconic!” commented Nepenthes.

“Natasha is on a roll! I’m always a sucker for mother-child photos so this gets two thumbs up from me!” declared orchidee.

Also enthusiastic about the cover was MON, who posted, “Beautiful!!! The cover is so calming! I just love it. I know there have been covers already with pregnant women and women with their babies but this is something different. It’s vulnerable yet very protective. And I’m not even complaining with the fact that it’s Natasha again. The coat is beautiful, the colors are fantastic and the layout actually works. Surprised that Mario didn’t ruin this one. I cannot wait for the editorial.”

Not everyone liked what they saw, though. “Not working for me because Poly looks uncertain next to that baby, I mean she might as well be next to an alien object. Not to mention what an unflattering face angle that is for her. Testino takes stunning women and always manages to find a way to make them look their worst,” shared Miss Dalloway.

Await the contents of the issue and share your own opinion inside the thread here.