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Bottega Veneta Taps Julia Nobis for Knot Fragrance Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Bottega Veneta released a new fragrance and the advertising campaign has just hit our forums. The fragrance entitled Knot is described as a seductive and stylish scent inspired by the Italian Riviera. The brand tapped Australian beauty Julia Nobis to front the fragrance, which hits stores this month. Photographed by David Armstrong wearing a classic black dress with her blond tresses styled in sophisticated, loose waves, Julia also stars in the commercial directed by Axel Lindahl.

Ad Campaign Bottega Veneta Knot Fragrance Julia Nobis


Members of our forums have mixed reactions about the campaign. “Wow, Julia looks particularly awful here, the styling makes her look aged beyond her years,” commented HeatherAnne, clearly not an admirer of the campaign’s direction.

“So lifeless. That look might work for runways but she should turn it up a bit for a fragrance campaign,” criticized CharlottefromCA.

MyNameIs wasn’t a fan, either and posted, “That image is totally wrong for a perfume ad. It looks so random and unremarkable. Almost like a backstage picture. Julia looks good in the commercial, but not in the picture. They should’ve stuck with the same styling as they had in the commercial.”

“I love the dress and overall design but Julia looks off, the hair for sure looks awful to me but also the sad look on her eyes, maybe?” asked kokobombon.

Benn98 responded: “The dress really is the only redeeming feature of this campaign. I think they must’ve aimed for subtle sensuality as one can see that was achieved in the video, but the shoot doesn’t reflect that at all. It just looks dour. Glad the platinum hair is gone.”

GIVENCHYlover‘s positive comment stood out from the rest: “Sophisticated and delicate. Very Bottega.”

What do you think? Are you a fan of the campaign image? Check out the thread for the commercial and share your own opinion here.