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Vogue Hommes International Changes Its Name, Louis Garrel Snags Latest Cover (Forum Buzz)

Change often fails to go down well in the forums and the latest dissent is over Vogue Hommes International‘s change to the abbreviated Vogue Hommes. The amendment comes after the release of the biannual menswear magazine’s Fall 2014 issue. Louis Garrel was tapped for the cover and was shot by Mario Sorrenti, who photographed the French actor looking nonchalant as he reclined with his hands behind his head, staring down the lens. Anastasia Barbieri styled the 31 year old for the cover shoot.

Vogue Hommes F/W 14.15 Louis Garrel


Members of our forums haven’t responded well to the masthead alteration. “There’s something off with that masthead. I’m not used to seeing the huge HOMMES and the word PARIS is oddly placed below. Will it just be Vogue Hommes or still VHI? The layout reminds me of VP during Carine [Roitfeld], especially Caslon. The cover image itself is okay but it’s not as striking,” commented MON.

“Decent cover, so today, the mag becomes only Vogue Hommes?” added burbuja8910, slightly confused about the name change.

Bertrando3 was quick to post his opinion and wrote, “This looks REALLY average, bad and boring!”

“I was expecting something much more interesting than this… nothing special,” posted an underwhelmed GlamorousBoy.

The masthead change didn’t seem to cross stereo‘s mind, since he was more interested in seeing a model on the cover: “So disappointed! Boring. Bring back the models!”

Although not everyone was against the cover. “I love him, so I totally buy into this. He looks really handsome,” shared an enthusiastic Les Sucettes, whose opinion stood out among the rest.

Fontastic was also eager to get his hands on a copy: “Love Louis!!! Can’t wait to buy it.”

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