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Malgosia Bela Covers Up with Just a Skateboard on Lui’s October Cover (Forum Buzz)

Katja Rahlwes treated her Instagram followers to a preview of Lui’s October cover this week, and the image was quickly brought over to our forums for discussion. Malgosia Bela poses on the front cover wearing nothing but a black leather jacket and some pigtails, holding a skateboard to conceal her lady bits for the raunchy magazine’s latest installment. No doubt the 37-year-old model from Poland felt comfortable with Rahlwes, as the pair have previously shot for numerous other publications, including Vogue Paris, Flair and Self Service.

Lui Oct 14 Malgosia Bela


Our forum members are left feeling uncertain about the cover. “I am a huge Malgosia fan but I think I might have to say no to this…” shared KissMiss.

“It’s not quite the Malgosia Lui cover I would have hoped for,” wrote tigerrouge, who later came back and posted, “Malgosia’s one of those models who are capable of producing really erotic shots, somehow capturing a mood that brings together beauty, sex and something strange, a touch of darkness. So I just don’t get why they’d dress her up like this. It’s insultingly simple. It’s a waste.”

Also left unsatisfied was KateTheGreatest, who commented, “Their worst cover yet,” and later added, “Without the pigtails and the skateboard (and another pose to hide her privates), this could’ve been really cool. But it’s still Malgosia, so I have hope the editorial will be better.”

The styling of Malgosia’s hair leaves a lot to be desired. “Those ponytails on 37-year-old Malgosia look like weird child’s play!” declared Alien Sex Friend.

“This cover looks like Terry Richardson‘s style,” wrote burbuja8910, clearly not an admirer of the French title’s cover.

“It sure does and that’s a shame! Don’t like the idea and Malgosia looks so cheap here,” replied justaguy.

Let’s hope Malgosia’s cover story gets better reviews from our forum members. Take a peek inside the thread and get in on the action here.