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Mixed Feelings About Reese Witherspoon’s October Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

Our Cover Rumor Thread has been on fire these past few weeks with speculation regarding Vogue‘s October cover, which ultimately went to Reese Witherspoon. The actress was snapped wearing a summery red dress (don’t forget, it’s an October issue!) by Mikael Jansson.

US Vogue October 2014 Reese Witherspoon


The cover has received mixed reactions from our forum members. “Not as tragic as I had expected it to be…certainly better than the model cover, but ehhh wake me up when Angie shows up,” commented Fiercification, referring to rumors that Angelina Jolie is fronting an upcoming issue of Vogue.

“She is prettier on paparazzi pics than on this cover. Looks old, back to the Nineties,” shared Nymphaea.

Bertrando3 made his judgment clear, too: “It looks really bad! So so so old looking, it really looks like a cover from [the] 1990s but not the good part of that era. Plus, Reese is such a boring actress, she’s just a pretty girl and among her many Vogue covers this one may be her worst, she looks emotion-less and not pretty to me. The styling is a snooze fest and yeah basically it’s really not a good cover.”

On the other hand, a select few actually admired the cover. “Really good cover! I usually don’t care for her, but she looks really interesting in this cover! She’s demanding my attention! Great cover US Vogue!” enthused miguelalmeida.

Preferring this to the model cover from September was fluxxx, who wrote, “It’s an OK cover. I prefer this one over September’s cover. It looks so early 2000s.”

“Really gorgeous cover, I love it,” raved Marc10.

Are you a fan? See inside the thread for Reese’s cover story and share your own opinion here.