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What Has Harper’s Bazaar Brazil Done to Ana Beatriz Barros? (Forum Buzz)

The discussion of overly-airbrushed cover images has become a popular topic with our forum members this week. First with Anne Hathaway‘s botched eyes on the cover of U.K. ELLE and now the Brazilian edition of Harper’s Bazaar is in the firing line. The magazine’s October 2014 cover surfaced on our forums and features Ana Beatriz Barros, photographed by Fabio Bartelt, wearing a blush pink ensemble, while a sweeping ocean makes for the vibrant background. Good cover shot, right? Think again.

Harper's Bazaar Brazil October 2014 Ana Beatriz Barros


Members of our forums are irritated with the amount of post-production the image received. “What plasticization did they do to her beautiful face?” questioned marsnoop2, not kicking off the thread on a very positive note.

“Horrible,” simply proclaimed an uninterested burbuja8910.

KateTheGreatest was quick to respond, “Photoshop disaster, she doesn’t even look human.”

Also noticing the airbrushing was Benn98: “Eek! Love everything except her face. This could’ve been a stunning cover but they spoiled it with the horrible retouching.”

“So over-Photoshopped,” shared GlamorousBoy, not very impressed with Harper’s Bazaar Brazil’s efforts this month.

“It´s a beautiful image, love the summer feel. IF ONLY they didn’t Photoshop her to look like a plastic doll!!” complained kokobombon.

After a string of negative comments, Zorka came to the magazine’s defense: “For those of you complaining on the ‘over-Photoshopping’ — first hand info: except for basic retouching and massive color grading, everything else is done in camera. In other words, Max Weber (the makeup artist) did – as I already said – [a] SENSATIONAL job contouring Ana’s face, that’s why it looks like porcelain (in the best possible way).”

So, over-retouched or just good contouring? Take a peek at the contents and have your say inside the thread here.