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Forum Members Weigh In on Angela Lindvall’s Racy Maxim Shoot (Forum Buzz)

Maxim is a rare find on our forums, but when a fashion model graces the cover, why not? Kate Lanphear is Maxim‘s newly appointed editor-in-chief, with the March 2015 issue being her debut, yet the monthly appears to be taking a new direction already. The magazine tapped 35-year-old American model Angela Lindvall as its October 2014 cover subject, shot by James Macari. Photographed wearing a range of swimsuits and heels, Angela’s piercing blue eyes and red lips make for an eye-catching cover shot.

Maxim October 2014 Angella Lindvall


A few of our forum members are unsure about Angela fronting a typical lads’ mag. “As a long time fan, I was initially disappointed she took this route, but the end result turned out great and I’ve come around to like it (except for the interview — can’t get past it, it’s so trashy),” commented bun-bun.

Also citing the racy interview was t-rex, who questioned, “Is Lindvall trying to market herself differently? I ask because of that interview,” and then goes on to say, “The photos and styling aren’t bad at all.”

“Dang, she looks so good here!!” wrote justaguy, who was in the minority by being content with the cover and accompanying spread.

“She is such a beautiful woman! I love the second and the sixth pictures, those legs!” agreed lukaslohan, posting his rave review of Angela’s latest spread.

 “I love it. It’s not slutty/trashy at all and Angela is so beautiful,” declared gazebo.

“Are we looking at the same ed??” replied Bobby153. “This is just horrible…I just don’t get men’s mag vibes from her at all, and this isn’t helping. Even in the past when she did VS she looked out of place. She’s just not that type of model, you’ve got your niche, stick to it…if it ain’t broke!”

Check out Angela’s cover story inside the thread and have your own say here.