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Daring or Dated? Anne Hathaway Is Harper’s Bazaar’s November Cover Girl (Forum Buzz)

The American edition of Harper’s Bazaar is rich in fashion imagery, therefore we don’t blame it for emulating one of its most iconic covers from the archives. Anne Hathaway stars on the magazine’s November 2014 issue and the concept appears to have been copied from the January 1995 cover with Linda Evangelista. Photographed by Alexi Lubomirski, Anne wears a show-stopping red couture piece from Armani Privé, while blowing a kiss out to the reader.

US Bazaar November 2014 Anne Hathaway


Our forum members feel as though the cover should have been left until December. “Wow, it looks so festive. Even more than Katy Perry‘s cover from October. I wonder how festive their December cover will be,” commented mikel.

“Again with the color overload, I wouldn’t mind this for December, but it’s just so literal. Compare this with the covers earlier this year and see! Guess I’ll have to wait for the sub edition,” agreed Benn98.

MON shared his sentiments: “It’s a nice cover but it’s too festive for a November cover.”

Another forum member who thought the cover wasn’t appropriate for the month of November was narcyza. “It’s for Valentine’s Day?” she questioned and then went on to say, “I really don’t like this all red cover and I’m sick of Anne. She is everywhere.”

“These are gross, like rejected Estée Lauder ads from the early 90s,” disapproved jeremydante.

In the minority was justaguy, who thought the festive look of the cover worked: “As cheesy and typical of US Harper’s Bazaar as this cover is, it will appeal to the masses as they’re checking out at the grocery store. And Anne does look really pretty and festive here.”

“This is lovely, I love all the red and Anne looks great. Reminds me of that shot of Linda Evangelista in the yellow dress though,” shared LastNight.

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