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Patrick Demarchelier Photographs Fresh Faces for Vogue Russia’s November Cover (Forum Buzz)

Multi-girl covers are all the rage this season with a number of editions of Vogue producing covers with a handful of models. This time around, Vogue Russia adopted the setup by tapping some fresh faces for its November cover. Kate Grigorieva, Dasha Gold and Anya Lyagoshina wear coats by Gucci as they pose for Patrick Demarchelier. The cover marks a first for each of the three models and is sure to project them further in the modeling industry.

Vogue Russia Nov 14 Patrick Demarchelier


Yet the cover failed to impress most of our forum members. “It does look really cheap…” wrote Oxymore, not kicking off the thread to a very good start.

Vogue Netherlands? Russian Vogue lost their direction this month. This looks cheap! The image quality is so bad. It looks like a cheap ad for low-budget salons. They look so washed out that the blush looks annoying. The coats are tragic as well, it seems like they’re wigs combined with rugs. Disaster! The hair is bad also, that hairline, is that an airport runway?” disapproved MON, clearly not a fan of the cover.

Benn98 shared his doubts and posted, “What’s up with Vogue Russia this month? Kudos for shooting new girls, but they look so random. Those coats are awful. And I’m not sure whether black was the right color for the fonts.”

Also not an admirer was Moofins: “This isn’t working for me. The styling is a mess (they look like they’re selling bathroom rugs) and their faces look plastic.”

“This looks awful, there is not one thing about it that I like,” posted a very unsatisfied KateTheGreatest.

“You have three gorgeous faces such as these and yet that’s all they came up with?” questioned an underwhelmed StoneSkipper.  

So, we have some pretty negative reviews for Vogue Russia’s latest installment. Are you impressed? Share your opinion here.