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Caroline Trentini Gets Us Ready for Winter on Vogue Korea’s November Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Korea gets us ready for winter with its November issue. The magazine tapped American Vogue regular Caroline Trentini for its cover and got Steven Pan to photograph the blonde beauty. Caroline sports a crop-top teamed with a huge fur hat, which surprisingly works. The 27-year-old Brazilian’s hair appears wet as if working up a sweat for the sports-inspired cover story.

Vogue Korea November 2014 Caroline Trentini


Yet members of theFashionSpot aren’t so sure. “She looks ridiculous, she does not look good and this image for a cover does not say VOGUE to me,” states Bertrando3, who starts off the discussion and sets the tone of thread.

“I love Caroline but this is not a good cover… At all,” notes Nepenthes.

KateTheGreatest shares the same sentiments and posts, “I only like that Caroline is on the cover, everything else does not work for me at all.”

Also to disapprove of the cover is Benn98: “Certainly not a cover-worthy shot, and I hate the open spaces (for once there’s too little text!). Glad for Caroline, and obviously her editorial will be better but she appears to be engulfed by that odious cap.”

“Is this the actual cover or a preview? I think that the layout isn´t working, too much free space doesn´t enhance the picture at all…”  replies kokobombon in agreement.

Nymphaea dislikes the makeup look: “Doesn’t work at all, she looks ridiculous with the painting below her eyes.”

However, forum member narcyza soon changes the mood of the thread as she enthuses, “Wow, this cover is amazing. Another great work of Caroline. I’m so glad that she is back.”

“I actually really like this cover! It’s different and has a lot going on, but it works for me. And the fact that it’s Caroline makes it even better!” approves justaguy.

Check out the thread for a preview of Steven Pan’s cover story and share your own opinion here.