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Vogue Thailand’s November Cover with Meghan Collison Is Simply ‘Divine’ (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Thailand can often be either hit or miss with our forum members, but when the magazine gets it right, we’re head over heels. Meghan Collison stars on the November cover and looks every inch the rare beauty she truly is. The 26-year-old from Canada, who has previously covered Vogue Italia and Vogue Ukraine, gazes down the photographer’s lens with a smoky eye complemented by a nude lip. For dramatic effect, the stylist behind the shoot added a corsage to Meghan’s outfit and our forum members are loving it.

Vogue Thailand November 2014 Meghan Collinson


“Probably it’s the corsage that lends to [the] softness and femininity of this cover and not the girl. They could’ve treated the hair a bit more, but this isn’t bad. Vogue Thailand actually doesn’t produce bad covers,” commented Benn98.

“Everything here works, very nice! And I agree, the flower adds a nice softness to it,” raved justaguy.

Everyone seems to be in love with the cover and the comments keep flooding in! “I love it! Reminds me of Mirabella’s Vogue from the 70s. Vogue Thailand may be a bit all over the place with their covers but they consistently feature new models with completely different looks, and I applaud them for that,” enthused Tinsley V.

“It’s really lovely. And Meghan’s eyes look fantastic in this makeup,” complimented a more than satisfied narcyza.

“Wow, I’m not Meghan’s biggest fan but this is amazing coming from her and Vogue Thailand!” posted a surprisingly impressed khyrk.

Also sharing the same sentiments was KateTheGreatest: “It’s really beautiful, I think Meghan looks more soft here than usually.”

Forum member valliaddict simply used the word “divine” to describe Vogue Thailand’s latest offering.

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