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Take Your Pick: Kate Moss Stars on Two Covers for UK Vogue’s December Issue (Forum Buzz)

Kate Moss and UK Vogue go together like bread and butter and now that Kate is establishing herself as contributing fashion editor for the magazine, it’s no wonder the modeling icon stars on two covers for the December 2014 issue. Photographed by Mario Testino, the issue marks Kate’s 35th British Vogue cover appearance. On the first cover (pictured below) Kate goes au naturel for the close-up cover image while on the second, the current face of My Burberry wears a face full of makeup and gives us life!

UK Vogue December 2014 Kate Moss Mario Testino


Yet our forum members are left with mixed reactions. “The second cover is really dull… too cropped and blurry to feel interesting, and Kate’s often styled that way. The first cover isn’t exactly groundbreaking either, but Kate looks incredible. Truly one of the most beautiful recent photos of her I’ve seen. When you have an iconic supermodel on the cover and she’s looking aces, simplicity works,” comments KINGofVERSAILLES.

“The first cover is sublime, though it lacks the magic of a December cover. The second cover is a mess to be quite honest. It would work for an edgier magazine but the amount of text combined with Vogue‘s penchant for pink makes it look far too jarring. It would’ve worked better with a metallic gold masthead,” writes Cosmic Voices, agreeing that the first cover outshines the second.

Honeycombchild misses the festive theme running through Vogue‘s December covers: “I prefer the first cover, the second has a great old school British Vogue feeling to it but it just doesn’t quite pull it off for me. I know we mentioned it last year, but I do really miss the days when the December issues actually looked festive.

Not everyone is so motivated by Kate’s presence. “I feel like I’ve seen these covers a million times already. They bore me to death,” disapproves anlabe32.

Melancholybaby feels the same way: “I literally said ‘not again’ out loud when I saw the thread title.”

Which cover do you prefer? See inside the thread for both covers in HQ and share your own opinion here.