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Nicki Minaj Works Mario Testino’s Lens for V Magazine’s Winter 2014 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Despite it being the Winter 2014 issue, V Magazine gives us a cover full of fun and sunshine. Nicki Minaj is photographed by Mario Testino under clear blue skies, on location in the grounds of a luxurious mansion. Standing with a stone statue, Nicki works Testino’s lens wearing a skimpy red dress from Guess, a pair of Jimmy Choo heels and dons a red beret to top it all off. It’s something different, right?

V Magazine Winter 2014 Nicki Minaj Mario Testino


Members of theFashionSpot forums show mixed reactions to Nicki’s rare cover appearance. “The photo is good but not for a cover,” proclaims testinofan, not getting the thread off to a very positive start.

“Agreed! None of the shots are cover worthy. This shoot seems more suited to the old OTT Nicki, not this new neutered version,” replies Benn98.

Not taking much notice of Nicki’s presence, DutchHomme writes, “The background is breathtaking.”

Also questioning the cover is A.D.C. who comments, “I literally can no longer stand Testino’s photography.”

“Testino does David Lachapelle. I love the image, but it feels forced,” adds TREVOFASHIONISTO.

Kokobombon comes to V‘s defense: “I actually like it, this is very V imo. And for once Testino´s over-Photoshoped pics are working, she looks like a plastic doll which works for her persona.”

Miss Dalloway shares the same enthusiastic attitude and raves, “I enjoy her ridiculous! This is so much fun.”

Check out a preview of Nicki’s cover story inside the thread and share your own opinion with us here.