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Have We Seen This Before? Amanda Wellsh Poses for Vogue Netherlands’ December Cover (Forum Buzz)

First, we would like to point out what a pleasure it is to see visible skin texture on a magazine cover! Amanda Wellsh stars on Vogue Netherlands’ December issue and looks as stunning as ever. The Brazilian beauty is steadily racking up quite the number of Vogue covers, currently fronting Vogue Brazil’s November issue alongside Aline Weber. This time around, we see Amanda photographed by Alique, a Dutch Vogue regular, who captured the former Gucci girl in a sequined lace dress, sporting soft waves that cascade down one side of her face.

Vogue Netherlands December 2014 Amanda Wellsh


Our forum members have become drained by a certain something, however. “Tired of the grey background!!” disapproved DutchHomme.

HeatherAnne agreed, “Karlie’s cover was great, but it should NOT have been used as a template for every freaking cover to follow. The last 2 months have been a bore.”

“This kind of looks like a busted Vogue Paris cover. It’s a shame they messed up her face though. Amanda is a gorgeous woman,” declared orchidee.

Is Vogue Netherlands in need of a change? Well, narcyza thinks so and posted, “Another bad cover of Vogue Netherlands this year. They need a change. A big change.”

“I wish the makeup wasn’t bringing her down, a lighter touch would have made this cover so much better imo,” suggested kokobombon.

“Although it’s a nice shot of Amanda, there’s certainly more they could have done creatively to make this cover a little more exciting. It looks a bit Vogue Paris to me but without the right fonts to make it a great cover,” wrote justaguy.

Also not completely satisfied was Miss Dalloway, who commented, “Her face is just not ‘bringing it,’ maybe it’s the angle but it doesn’t scream cover worthy to me.”

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