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Gemma Ward Makes a Triumphant Return to Vogue’s Front Cover! (Forum Buzz)

Members of our forums called it first! Ever since Gemma Ward’s comeback on Prada’s Spring 2015 catwalk during Milan Fashion Week, it was evident that we would once again see Gemma grace the cover of Vogue. We assumed the 27-year-old’s first appearance would be on Vogue Italia, but Gemma’s native Vogue Australia has claimed the doll-face beauty first, in perfect timing to coincide with the magazine’s 55th anniversary December issue.

Vogue Australia December 2014 Gemma Ward


Although it seems as though most of our forum members aren’t terribly satisfied with the outcome. “I was beyond excited to open this thread but it doesn’t look good,” wrote Valentine27, not getting the thread off to a very positive start.

“I don’t like the masthead at all, there is too much blue and what is this background? Is she in a washing machine or in an alien ship?” questioned an unsatisfied Oxymore.

Miss Dalloway simply pointed out that the cover was “Incredibly underwhelming!” inside the thread.

Also feeling disappointed was justaguy, who commented, “Excited Gemma’s on the cover, but underwhelmed by the end result, too much manipulation of the photo. Almost doesn’t look like her.” 

Forum member cottonmouth13 ignored the design and tried to make it work: “Perhaps I’ll just ignore the awful layout especially the masthead. The fact that it’s Gemma on the cover makes me satisfied already. Looking forward to seeing her editorial.” 

But not everyone shared the same sentiments. “Beyond excited to see Gemma on the cover. She looks beautiful!” raved a more than happy Nepenthes.

Bertrando3 was certainly a fan as he proclaimed, “She looks PERFECT. Come on, gosh I can not believe what I read here. Some people are crazy! THIS is what a major high fashion magazine should always look like.”

Has Vogue Australia unfortunately let us down this month? Not the comeback cover we expected? Preview the cover story and have your say inside the thread here