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Laetitia Casta Goes Topless for Lui Magazine’s December/January Cover (Forum Buzz)

Nude magazine covers are everywhere right now and it appears as though they’re taking us into the new year as well. Lui magazine’s latest conquest is Laetitia Casta who poses inside a cardboard box wearing nothing but a pair of fancy footwear. The French title has been attracting its fair share of relevant cover subjects this year, tapping the likes of Kate Moss, Rihanna and Gisele Bundchen. Who’s next? Kim Kardashian? We have to say, Laetitia is looking mighty fine on this particular cover.

Lui Magazine December 2014 January 2015 Laetitia Casta


Our forum members are starting to add their two cents inside the thread. Benn98 kicks us off, writing, “Nice shot, she looks hot here. I don’t remember her having really big boobs. Judging by her hands, it gives the impression that there’s a lot to cover. We’ll have to see the ed.”

“It’s like she hasn’t aged a day since the 90s,” compliments ALAUU.

La veronika is also a fan as she comments, “Love it! She still rocks.”

“Finally! I knew she’d make it to Lui eventually so I’m happy about this. Hopefully the editorial will be more exciting because in spite of the fact that Laetitia has one of the best bodes ever to be seen in fashion I find myself looking straight towards those ugly lace socks,” adds Luxx.

Yet not everyone is so satisfied. “Given that I can remember the days when she was the most luscious girl you’d get to see on the printed page, this just seems disappointing. It’s not because she’s older, it’s because this looks so tired and cheap. The ‘present’ looks like a stripper’s prop that’s been wheeled out every year until it’s as tatty as it is tacky, with a woman who’s making a shopping list in her head and wondering when she can put her clothes back on because it’s so cold in the studio,” writes tigerrogue.

Do you think much of Laetitia Casta’s latest magazine cover? Await the cover story and join the discussion for yourself inside the thread here.