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Since When Have Vogue Turkey’s Covers Become So Dated? (Forum Buzz)

Lily Donaldson makes a rare appearance on the cover of Vogue Turkey’s December issue. It feels as though we hardly ever get to see the British beauty on the cover of Vogue lately, even though Lily’s last cover was for Vogue Korea’s 18th anniversary issue back in August 2014. We’re just nostalgic for those days when the 27 year old would captivate us on U.K. Vogue‘s front cover. But we don’t hold Lily responsible for this current disaster. It appears as though Vogue Turkey has been disappointing our forum members for some time now. The new font and layout the magazine has introduced isn’t sitting well with anyone.

Vogue Turkey December 2014 Lily Donaldson


“Lily is working it, but my god that text layout! When did they start using so much of it?!” questioned an unsatisfied Miss Dalloway.

Benn98 mentioned the amount of text, too: “Yay! When last have we seen Lily nab a cover? Looks good, but if you squint the leg positioning looks odd. I don’t recall them having this much text!”

“Seems like it’s from 5 years ago… very dated,” added an underwhelmed littlekiki.

GlamorousBoy agreed and echoed “very dated cover…” inside the thread.

Also not sold on the cover was Bertrando3: “It does not look appealing to me whatsoever. She looks tired and strange, the proportions are not working for me.”

A select few admired Turkish Vogue‘s efforts this month, though. “What a perfect cover for December. Lily looks fantastic. Her pale skin looks amazing on grey background. Her pose and this dress are really great. Can’t wait for an editorial!” enthused an optimistic and impressed narcyza.

“I like this, all the dots give the cover a festive feeling, Lily looks great,” complimented Nymphaea.

We guess Vogue Turkey deserves some slack, considering the magazine delivered a fabulous supermodel cover for November. Tell us what you think of its December 2014 cover inside the thread here.