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We’re Thrilled to See Snejana Onopka on Allure Russia (Forum Buzz)

While everyone has been rooting for Gemma Ward to make a comeback, a select few of us have been rooting for Snejana Onopka. There’s now a glimmer of hope that the Ukrainian beauty is about to make yet another splash in the industry as she lands the cover of Allure Russia’s February issue. Photographed by Walter Chin wearing a face full of vibrant makeup, Snejana lends her beautifully structured face, while delivering her signature stare for the beauty magazine’s most recent cover. Thankfully, Snejana can also be found in a series of images inside the issue, showcasing the latest beauty trends according to the Russian publication.

Allure Russia February 2015 Snejana Onopka


Supermodel from the 90s Niki Taylor can also be found inside Allure Russia’s February issue and there is even a Rankin feature. Both, of course, can be viewed inside our thread here.

But are members of our forums pleased with the cover? “The stare of a queen. I love the cover,” raved TREVOFASHIONISTO, making it pretty clear he’s a fan of Allure‘s new cover. 

“Their covers are extremely predictable, it’s always a close up (like really close), the makeup is heavy and they have too much text. I think Niki is beautiful but on the 4th pic she looks awful, they used way too much makeup. Good to see Snejana though,” shared KateTheGreatest, not showing much enthusiasm toward the cover overall.

Forum member burbuja8910 was quick to share her opinion: “Nice cover, but the edit is a little bit like the previous cover stories of the mag. Niki looks lovely.”

“Snejana’s cover and editorial look exactly like the rest of their usual blonde, fierce stories, so nothing new here. I quite like Niki Taylor’s feature, and that Rankin best of is just sad,” added Benn98.

Mixed reactions for the magazine’s new issue. But are you excited to see Snejana back on the cover of a fashion magazine? Take a peek inside the thread for a preview of the issue’s contents.