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We Blame Photoshop for Blanca Padilla’s Harsh First Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

You probably won’t believe us when we tell you that this is the first time in nine years that a Spanish model has covered Vogue Spain. We guess it’s better late than never, right? Blanca Padilla stars exclusively on the magazine’s February 2015 cover. Photographed by Matt Irwin, who is renowned for his stark and vibrant photographic style, the current face of Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2015 advertising campaign was captured wearing a leather coat as she makes her way down a street on location in Milan.

Vogue Spain February 2015 Blanca Padilla


Unfortunately, Vogue Spain’s bold new cover completely misses the mark. “Cool points for trying different things in [the] New Year, bold and unexpected cover image to be published! So it’s a shame just how much they felt they had to airbrush her face, it loses the effect because she looks like a mannequin!” wrote Miss Dalloway.

“Ugh, yes, this kills me. Thrilled to see, but Vogue Spain is so commercial and goofy these days. Would have much preferred seeing her natural beauty, in a more high-fashion setting,” HeatherAnne responded.

Oxymore shared the same feelings: “I was so exited to see Blanca but I don’t like it at all. Too much everything. They could have done something much better with her…”

“Yeah, the cover is a total eyesore. As you said, too much of everything. I don’t know where to look at. The word ‘Pasión’ is beyond big and the two-color masthead looks tacky. With her amazing beauty it’s a shame they went for a cover like that. A beautiful studio portrait would have done wonders,” suggested Creative.

Also left unimpressed with the magazine’s efforts this month was KateTheGreatest: “Looks like they tried too hard. I am happy for Blanca but I wish she would’ve looked more natural. Although I blame retouching for that.”

Do you think Vogue Spain tried too hard with Blanca? Is the cover over-retouched? Share your opinion with us here.