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Could Valentino’s Spring 2015 Ad Campaign Be the Best This Season? (Forum Buzz)

Valentino’s Spring 2015 campaign has surfaced on our forums and members are proclaiming it to be the best of the season. Models Maartje Verhoef, Grace Simmons, Hedvig Palm, Vanessa Moody and Clémentine Deraedt pose together for a series of dreamy images captured by Michal Pudelka. The girls appear in different scenarios, from floating in water to wandering along a calm beach for the Italian brand’s serene ads.

Ad Campaign Valentino Spring 2015 Michal Pudelka


There’s nothing but love for the campaign inside the thread. “Interesting, a risk, innovative (in an age of look-alike ad campaigns). The brand has gotten saccharine sweet, it’s nice to see them drift toward the dark side,” complimented HeatherAnne.

“This looks really interesting and quite fresh!” added Nepenthes.

“Gorgeous! Easily the most interesting and exciting image I’ve seen in this dire campaign season. Possibly Vanessa Moody’s best shot so far, Hedvig looks good too…any chance we’ll see Aya Jones please? Not familiar with the photographer, must go and check him out!” Fiercification noted.

Also full of admiration was DutchHomme: “My favorite campaign of this season! Beautiful, interesting & spooky at the same time.”

Wolkfolk agreed and commented, “I never expected something like that from Valentino. There’s a certain Virgin Suicides feeling. It’s definitely one of the most captivating campaigns released so far. If not the most captivating.”

“Captivating and innovating are the words. I was bored by their latest campaigns but this one is looking so intriguing. Colors are incredibly beautiful. Can’t wait to see more!” shared an optimistic Valentine27.

Do you share the same sentiments? See Valentino’s full Spring 2015 campaign inside the thread here.