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Rita Ora Sports an Interesting Haircut on the Cover of L’Officiel Paris (Forum Buzz)

Talk about a blast from the past. Rita Ora is the cover girl for L’Officiel Paris’ February issue and she is rocking a decidedly retro look. The singer’s graphic black eyeliner evokes the 60s, but that hair, oh, that hair! Rita’s dramatic 70s-style bob is quite a look for her — one that our forum members were not feeling. And as always, they did not hesitate to let their distaste for Rita’s coif be known and their dislike of the cover in general.


“Who left this girl with the mop? Who?” MON quipped, comparing Rita’s ‘do to the household staple.

“Oh my, I can’t help but focus on that hideous hairstyle. Actually, the only thing I like is the background. Too bad,” Emmanuelle wrote.

As what tends to happen in Rita threads, a few commenters pondered her relevance in general. “Oh she does something other than showing up to parties…like posing for terrible covers,” coutugh sneered. Way harsh, Tai. 

TREVOFASHIONISTO offered compelling analysis regarding her celebrity: “She’s basically [the] Kardashian game in real life.” 

Benn98 was simply left cold. “Oh dear! Now I’m craving a latté. The only thing I like about this is her expression. Total miss for me.”

The shade is real in these forums! Add your two cents to the discussion now.