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Gisele’s Vogue UK Cover Looks Like All Her Other Covers (Forum Buzz)

She’s baack! Vogue U.K. has once again tapped Gisele Bündchen as the cover star, making this her 14th appearance. While it is always a pleasure to see Gisele working the camera, especially when Mario Testino is at the other end of the lens, many of our forum members expressed disappointment over the March cover, which pictures the model dressed in Chanel. It’s not so much that they’re sick of seeing Gisele front magazines, it’s that they’re all starting to look quite similar.



“I feel like we’ve seen this picture a million times. You book Gisele and this is the best you can do?!” GivenchyHomme wrote.

Miss Dalloway echoed his sentiments. “That would have really been wonderful, shame they never think outside the box though. This is her being used in such a safe way, and it might sell, but the woman can do so much more than always being portrayed this way!” 

Kite had a theory as to why these Gisele covers are giving everyone déjà vu: “It’s not thinking outside the box, it’s about contracts. ‘Want Gisele? Well, she has to wear Chanel on the cover because they paid for the first X advertising Pages’…That’s how it works.” Though it seems at this point it doesn’t take much for Kite to be satisfied by a Vogue U.K. cover: “It’s fresh. The masthead isn’t red. It’s not Cara. I’m happy.”

“What a bad angle. She even looks quite bald. You have Gisele and this is the best you can do? Ugh,” fluorescentbeat lamented.

Forum member mistress_f added, “The cover does nothing for me. I mean she’s beautiful but we all knew that already.”

HeatherAnne was at least glad the issue was coming out right after Gisele’s husband won the Super Bowl. “They nailed the timing with Gisele, unfortunately that’s the only thing they got right, what a stale cover.” 

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