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Lexi Boling Is Back on Vogue Italia’s Cover, Her Fifth in Under a Year! (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Italia’s February cover starring Lexi Boling finally made it onto our forums earlier today. The magazine’s release dates are notoriously late by our standards, considering that we saw Vogue Japan’s March cover last week. Nonetheless, we’re always thrilled to see the publication’s new covers, which rarely disappoint. Lensed by Steven Meisel, this is the American model’s fifth cover for the edgy Italian title. Sporting an ensemble from Dolce & Gabbana styled by Marie-Amélie Sauvé, the current face of Christian Dior sits perched on a chair giving us Hostel vibes.

Vogue Italia February 2015 Lexi Boling


The majority of our forum members are loving it, but the rest aren’t fond of the idea of Lexi having five Vogue Italia covers in under 12 months. “Nice cover, but not because of the model. It’s the styling and photography that does wonders here. I really don’t get Meisel’s infatuation over her,” commented Style Savvy.

“Co-signed. She could be replaced with a number of other models with little effect being lost. That said, the vibe is pretty cool. I’m intrigued,” Moofins responded in agreement.

“Gorgeous cover. I just wish it wasn’t Lexi again,” simon ranted.

“The idea is a hit, but the model is a miss for me. She’s a pretty girl, but I do not get Meisel’s obsession with her,” added orchidee, sharing the same sentiments.

The mood of the thread soon shifted. “It’s giving me Hostel vibes. In a good way,” GivenchyHomme admired.

Forum member anlabe32 felt the same way: “Her fifth cover in less than a year… Wow. This is the most interesting one so far though. I love it.”

Await the cover story, see the cover in all its fold-out glory and add your own opinion here.