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Vogue Russia Gets More Stale and Uninspiring Every Month (Forum Buzz)

Spring typically is full of blooming flowers, the color pink and happiness. While we may appreciate something different, Vogue Russia completely missed the mark with its March cover. The magazine released its most recent installment, which features Russian newcomer Valery Kaufman wearing Prada in a classic portrait captured by Patrick Demarchelier. Unfortunately for us, it’s a complete bore.

Vogue Russia March 2015 Valery Kaufman Patrick Demarchelier


Our forum members aren’t afraid to voice their opinions. “IMO this is so bland and it’s not just Demarchelier’s fault, Valery is giving me nothing,” kokobombon expressed.

“Valery is getting more boring every day IMO,” added gulsah in agreement.

Melancholybaby ultimately agreed and responded, “Which is why she’s the perfect choice for VR. This magazine gets more stale and uninspiring every month.”

“This magazine is depressing… It puts me in a blue mood,” Creative informed us.

Also unafraid to share his sentiments was MON: “Do they even try anymore? I mean this is not a bad cover and yes, they’ve had worse but come on… month after month of lackluster covers. Before they had covers that are visually appealing, some that are seductive but now… all are borderline safe and pedestrian. Gone are the energy their covers used to have.”

Moofins disapproved too and slammed, “Eh, pass. From the colors to the layout, it feels stale.”

“Boring, but I’m happy they’re supporting Russian talent that is not Natasha or Natalia,” anlabe32 commented, altering the mood of the thread slightly.

Are you impressed with Vogue Russia’s March cover? Check out some previews and let us know here.