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Kendall, Cara and Binx Go Sci-Fi for Cover of Garage (Forum Buzz)

Here’s hoping Kendall Jenner actually sells magazines because she’s landed yet another cover, this time for Garage‘s Spring 2015 issue. The 19-year-old, who’s gaining respect from industry insiders, joins Cara Delevingne, Lara Stone, Joan Smalls and Binx Walton, who are each handed their own individual cover. Phil Poynter captured the beauties wearing headphones, resembling something from outer space with suspiciously flawless complexions.

Garage Spring 2015 Kendall Jenner


Has the magazine done enough to interest our forum members? “This is probably the best that Kendall has ever looked (eye expression wise), but she just does not deserve to be included with that group,” comments marsnoop2.

VersaceVixen009 shared the same feelings, “This is probably the best work Kendall has done. Hers and Lara’s are the best. Binx’s looks awful, it’s such an unflattering angle and it’s clear her cheekbones were retouched to appear more sculpted.”

“Joan and Lara are my favs! But I have to say that Kendall looks good, thanks god she’s not sleeping as usual!” said thatsfierce.

JessRubik echoed the same sentiments and wrote, “Love Joan and Lara! And I can’t believe I’m saying this but Kendall looks good too.”

Yet not everyone was feeling it. Mistress f hissed, “Oh come on, Kendall here too?” Adding, “Anyway, Lara’s and Joan’s covers are the best. Hopefully I’ll get one of those two.” 

“I love that they all look like mutants in a girl group. So much work has been done to these girls in terms of retouching though. Kendall’s eyes have clearly been shaped to look more intense,” TREVOFASHIONISTO suggested.

Are you a fan? Check out all the covers for yourself inside our thread here and voice your own opinion.