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Rihanna Helps W Korea Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary with a Trio of Covers (Forum Buzz)

Multi-covers are all the rage this month. Vogue Germany ignited the trend with Anna Ewers, Vogue Paris followed suit and now W Korea jumps on the bandwagon. For March 2015, the magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary with three covers featuring Rihanna, photographed by Dennis Leupold. The “FourFiveSeconds” singer and current Harper’s Bazaar cover girl is shown in various setups serving good face (as always), wearing a number of interesting looks.

W Korea March 2015 Rihanna Dennis Leupold


Has the mag done enough to satisfy our forum members? “She rocks those Korean eyebrows,” Pricciao complimented.

“The ones with the white and yellow dress are such beautiful covers! Her stare on those 2 is just so inviting. It’s like the styling and the setting show a lot of attitude but her eyes are just showing vulnerability! I love it! The one with the blue dress and with her leg up is just an awkward cover. The shot is forced and it’s like a shot from the ed just used to make three covers all in all,” added MON.

“They’ve chosen randomly to feature Rihanna on 3 covers and for their 10th anniversary? Couldn’t they have found well-known Korean superstars or top models on the cover of their fashion magazine? I don’t know, the whole thing looks off to me and I usually like what they do, not this time though,” ranted Bertrando3, bringing up a valid point.

Benn98 agreed, “I really want to like it as well, especially since they managed to produce this themselves, but every shot of her looks awkward. And something more extravagant or special could’ve been better for the 10th anniversary.”

As did justaguy, who said, “None of these are working for me as covers.”

Do you share the same sentiments? Take a look at the three covers and share your opinion with us here.