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Take Your Pick: Kristen Stewart Stars on Two Covers for Interview’s March Issue (Forum Buzz)

We’re inundated with choices on the newsstand right now, as numerous publications produced multiple covers for their big March issues focusing on the new spring collections. Interview is the latest mag to drop on our forums and members raced to the thread to see the anticipated covers from the title known for pushing the boundaries of fashion photography. Kristen Stewart stars on two separate covers, lensed by Steven Klein and styled by Karl Templer. Resembling stills from a movie, The Twilight actress was captured at nightfall on location in New York, pictured alongside a vintage ride.





As always, the real question remains: Are our forum members impressed? “Much prefer the second cover but not really into it…her past two covers, particularly the 40th anniversary were hard to beat. Not really here for the faux blonde hair + repeat concept of the Wang campaign,” commented Fiercification.

“Oh come on the March issue I was anticipating the most and we get her? Sporting the rattiest hair to ever grace the cover of a magazine? The editorials and interviews better be amazing,” Melancholybaby later replied.

Also not showing much enthusiasm toward both covers was Emmanuelle: “That’s not really my thing, I don’t like the colors and the light.”

Miss Dalloway definitely wasn’t feeling it as she expressed, “What a letdown, after waiting so eagerly, they give me Kristen Stewart? No, thank you! March issues have been such a dull fest!”

Thankfully, MyNameIs soon lifted the mood: “I like it. Both covers work for me. Her expression is kinda dull on the first one but she still connects with her eyes. Plus the overall styling, colors and composition pull it all together.”

“I like the ‘dirt’ of it, that she’s up to no good, hanging around in cars, in the red light district. As people do…” said tigerrouge.

Which cover will you be tracking down? Check out Kristen’s cover story and join the discussion here.