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We Are Loving Erin O’Connor on the Cover of Hunger Magazine (Forum Buzz)

After unexpectedly making an appearance at the Marc Jacobs show during NYFW, Erin O’Connor lands a special collectors cover for Hunger‘s newest installment. The statuesque beauty from London sat for Rankin for a classic, timeless and elegant (just like Erin herself) portrait. Captured in black and white to create an even more dynamic shot, Erin worked the angles of her beautifully structured face, donning an extravagant hat created by Jean Paul Gaultier. Rankin (the founder of Hunger magazine) photographed a handful of other models for the remaining covers.

Hunger Magazine #8 Erin O'Connor Rankin


Our forum members have made it clear which cover is the most compelling. “Cool and powerful covers! Erin’s is totally different, more classical and even has a vintage vibe which is really nice,” admired Emmanuelle, starting us off on a positive note.

“Cool covers… but ERIN!” KissMiss echoed.

“I agree with them, Erin is too bad ass for pastels and fake smiles,” replied HeatherAnne.

Also full of appreciation was Galimatias: “I love Erin’s cover, it’s not very usual see her on covers nowadays.”

Forum member thatsfierce simply declared, “Erin’s cover is everything.” We agree!

Kobito proclaimed, “OMG Erin’s cover is a must-have! Her cover is just like the mother of the others, in a good way.”

See inside the thread to take a look at the other covers, check out some previews of Hunger‘s 8th issue and share your opinion here.