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Vogue Brazil’s March Cover Look Like Something from 2000 (Forum Buzz)

You’ll often find us complaining that Vogue Brazil‘s covers are dated and the magazine shows zero signs of improvement with its March 2015 installment. The newly-released cover features Amanda Wellsh (who posed alongside Aline Weber back in November 2014 for the mag) captured in some long grass while sporting a military-inspired khaki ensemble. Photographed by Zee Nunes, the Brazilian beauty may look captivating in the wilderness, but the layout reminds us of covers from over a decade ago.

Vogue Brazil March 2015 Amanda Wellsh


“It looks like the 2000 covers of U.S. Vogue. It’s better but very very dated,” shared MON, who set the tone of the thread.

“Very U.S. Vogue indeed… there’s something off with the proportions imo. Is she kneeling?” kokobombon questioned.

GlamorousBoy also noticed the resemblance. “Yeah I agree, it is very dated U.S. Vogue, with the natural background Photoshopped to look fake,” he declared.

“The face is killer but there’s something really off about the grass-sky proportion. They could at least have put her in a different garment to break up all that green. Nevertheless, it’s always a pleasure to see Amanda!” appreciated Nepenthes.

The remainder of our forum members found positives with Vogue Brazil’s latest offering. “Very U.S. Vogue, but in a good way. She looks marvelous!” noted Miss Dalloway.

TeeVanity simply credited, “This really looks good.”

A.D.C. appeared to welcome the magazine’s layout. “Ah the type of Vogue I grew up seeing. This will always be the definitive Vogue aesthetic for me,” he commented.

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