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Vogue Netherlands Delivers Another Multi-Girl Cover (Forum Buzz)

It has become apparent that magazines have gotten themselves into a habit of either producing multiple covers or giving us multi-girl covers. For April, Vogue Netherlands delivers a trio of fresh-faced beauties: Ine Neefs, Julia Bergshoeff and Maartje Verhoef. Photographed by Alique, the models huddle together wearing a mixture of Louis Vuitton, Dior and Prada.

The cover has certainly captured the attention of our forum members. “They all look great, it’s a lovely cover that will come alive in print. Excited to see Maartje get it,” enthused Miss Dalloway.

GivenchyHomme was quick to express his excitement: “This is fabulous. I love all three of them!”

Also showing support for Dutch Vogue was MyFavorite: “Awesome cover. I like how the styling matches the font colors, and all three girls look beautiful, soft… lovely.”

“Easily their best, most appealing, and most inviting cover to date. THIS is how simplicity is and should be done. Surprisingly, this is also the best multi-girl cover I’ve seen so far! This even beats out that Vogue Japan cover,” added MON in agreement.

“They all look lovely and I like the styling, I just wish that the layout wasn’t so amateur. I don’t like how the colors blend with the background making the words hard to read, specially their names,” shared kokobombon, shifting the mood of the thread slightly.

HeatherAnne certainly wasn’t a fan of the cover and exclaimed, “Terrible, as usual. A generically posed, over Photoshopped, too closeup picture that is dull as dirt.”

Are you a fan? Share your opinion with us and await the content of Vogue Netherlands’ model issue here.