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Shailene Woodley Looks ‘Awkward’ on ELLE’s April Cover (Forum Buzz)

After receiving mixed reviews for its March cover featuring Katy Perry, ELLE once again disappoints our forum members with its April issue. The mag tapped Shailene Woodley as its latest cover subject, coinciding with the anticipated release of the film Insurgent. Photographed by Michael Thompson, the 23-year-old poses on the beach wearing a black swimsuit with arms swung awkwardly behind her head.

US Elle April 2015 Shailene Woodley Michael Thompson


Forum members descended on the thread not knowing what to expect. “The makeup does not work for her, the styling totally wrong! At last an outdoor shot though, shame it’s not any good!” slammed Miss Dalloway, not approving of the image.

“HAHHAHA OH MY GOD. What on earth is this. Is this a cover or an ad for some armpit whitening soap? First of all that makeup is f-ed up. I wish it weren’t a smokey eye because her eyes look dead and it kills the eyes even more. She looks like a god damn alien. Secondly, what on earth is up with that pose. It looks so awkward and unflattering. The styling is awful by all means! The art director should be reprimanded for such [a] layout,” MON commented. Tell us what you really think!

Kokobombon was quick to agree: “I like Shailene but this is awful imo. The makeup and the Photoshop on her face, the color scheme, the pose, the styling. I don’t like a single thing about this cover.”

Also feeling the same way was honeycombchild. “Well that’s pretty awkward. I also have literally zero interest in seeing someone’s armpits in a shot personally,” he noted.

“Poor Shailene, what a terrible shot of her. And the yellow fonts are so shocking. Overall a bad cover,” disapproved Benn98.

Add your two cents about the cover here. ELLE‘s April 2015 issue is available on newsstands March 17.