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Kerry Washington Lands the Cover of Marie Claire’s April Issue (Forum Buzz)

With such an incredibly beautiful cover subject, why is it that magazines can’t seem to get it right with Kerry Washington? InStyle was accused of lightening her skin tone on its March cover, Allure‘s idea of not piling the actress with a face full of makeup fell completely flat and now, Marie Claire comes under scrutiny by our forum members for its April 2015 cover. The Scandal star poses for Tesh for a simple portrait — so what’s the problem here? Leave it to our forum members to point out the cover’s failure to do Kerry justice.

US Marie Claire April 2015 Kerry Washington Tesh


“You can barely see her through the text! So ridiculous,” commented Moofins within seconds of the cover surfacing on our forums. This doesn’t sound too good.

“My god! Can’t they make at least ONE good cover with this woman?!! I hope she gets W and they do her beauty justice, what is this? The cropping is a disaster, the text layout is eating her, and her face expression is so uncertain,” Miss Dalloway soon noted.

Sharing the same sentiments was lelaid: “Seriously. She’s an incredibly beautiful woman yet they never pick a good shot of her for the cover!”

As the cover informs us, Lena Dunham interviewed Kerry for the issue. “I really hate it when celebs interview other celebs. It feels so contrived and like a public relations stunt. It’s Kerry’s time, go away Lena,” said MON.

GivenchyHomme changed the tone of the thread. “She actually looks like herself! No skin lightening or excessive retouching. That’s commendable.”

“Oh they wouldn’t dare to mess around with her tone after the InStyle outrage. This could almost be an ‘au naturel’ cover. She’s really a beautiful woman, I just don’t understand why it never gets captured on covers. There’s something ‘off’ here, I just cannot pinpoint it right away,” Benn98 fired back.

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