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Natasha Poly Gets Bombarded by Butterflies on Vogue Russia April 2015 (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Russia‘s latest cover has received mixed reactions in our forums, but the glossy got at least one thing right: Natasha Poly. The Russian beauty has fronted her native Vogue ten times previously and was captured this time around by photographer Txema Yeste. Stylist Olga Dunina dressed the current face of Isabel Marant in Valentino Haute Couture — and a few butterfly accessories.

Vogue Russia April 2015 Natasha Poly Txema Yeste


An element of the cover image is bothering forum members. “First of all, haven’t we had enough butterflies yet on the cover that they decided to put one on her mouth? This is what you get for being excessive and over-emphasizing. If it weren’t for the butterflies, this could have been such a strong cover. Her vulnerable and innocent stare is piercing and hauntingly beautiful but sadly it is thoroughly distracted by the butterflies,” disapproved MON immediately.

“So pretentious. This looks like when you don’t know what to do and try to be original… Could have been a great cover without the excessive butterflies,” echoed KissMiss.

Srdjan doesn’t feel the same way: “It’s quite unusual, but I like it – Natasha pulls it.”

HeatherAnne also liked the cover, saying, “I think it works well with the styling, and it’s something different at least, she looks gorgeous.”

“Love the cover! It is very angelic, love the butterflies, love the hairstyle. Will buy!” raved lalatran.

“Finally! Something new from Natasha x Vogue Russia! Really looking forward to the couture ed!” enthused khyrk, anticipating the cover story.

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