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Chiara Ferragni Makes History and Becomes First Blogger to Get a Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

Having already been on the cover of Lucky in February, Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad) makes history this month and becomes the first blogger to appear on the cover of Vogue. The Spanish edition of the fashion bible revealed its April 2015 cover via various social media platforms and it was immediately brought over to our forums for discussion. The widely-followed blogger-turned-fashion designer was captured by Nico Bustos for the momentous occasion.

Vogue Spain April 2015 Chiara Ferragni Nico Bustos


But our forum members aren’t buying it. “What an insipid cover, hair in her face really? And the text layout makes it look so empty, it really doesn’t look like a cover, more like an opening content page!” ranted Miss Dalloway within seconds of the cover being posted.

“The art director needs to be fired asap. That font used for her name is a free font that can be downloaded by anyone! Where’s the creativity in that? I’m sorry but Vogue Spain is going downhill, sliding really fast,” added MON, not exactly shouting from the rooftops about the cover.

Also left underwhelmed was lelaid: “Seriously Chiara Ferragni? They’re grappling for relevancy at this point.”

Creative showed limited interest, too and was quick to share, “First blogger to get a Vogue cover? All I can say is… UGGGGGGGGGH. Vogue Spain is dead. I’m so happy I don’t buy it anymore.”

“Omg, Chiara for Vogue?? Whose idea was this? Even Vogue Portugal would never sink this low. It’s not a cover-worthy image, too much hair in her face. Amateur layout and dated styling. Also 3.3 mil followers is hardly special, considering her status,” Benn98 disapproved.

Fashion bloggers can now form an orderly queue to collect their Vogue covers. Share your sentiments on Chiara’s landmark cover here.