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Is This the Best InStyle Could’ve Done with Kate Winslet? (Forum Buzz)

Fresh from controversy over its March cover featuring Kerry Washington, InStyle moves swiftly on to its next installment by unveiling the April 2015 cover. Kate Winslet graces the magazine’s latest cover, which unfortunately doesn’t sit well with our forum members. Now an InStyle regular, Giampaolo Sgura was the photographer of choice this month and captured the British actress for the cover image wearing a bright orange Ralph Lauren Collection top.

US InStyle April 2015 Kate Winslet by Giampaolo Sgura


Our forum members certainly didn’t hold back once the cover surfaced. “What on earth…. that cover looks undone. Who decided to put ‘the color issue’ on a circular motion like that? That’s just so laughable,” discredited MON immediately.

“God, the layout looks so pedestrian. And I’m usually a fan of their color issues. Kate Winslet just cannot photograph badly, but she’s really overused,” added an underwhelmed Benn98.

A.D.C. certainly wasn’t impressed: “So when UK Bazaar had Winslet on I complained about how even their headline for her was basically always the same generic headline she always gets. Theirs was ‘Kate on Fashion, fame, and the balancing act’ and InStyle went with ‘fashion, fame, and men!’ Honestly, these magazines just need to start saying, ‘Same face and nothing new to talk about!'” Ouch.

Sharing the same sentiments was MsCoen22, who replied, “Agreed! Although it’s not that she has nothing new to talk about. The problem is she keeps getting asked the same kinds of questions (usually about family, body image, and fame), hence the redundant headlines. She’ll be in FIVE movies this year! She started a foundation to help children with Autism. She’s had such an interesting life and they can’t even come up with an interesting line.”

Fingers crossed Kate’s cover story holds more promise. Await the content and voice your opinion here.