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Forum Members React to ELLE Spain’s April Cover and It Ain’t Good News (Forum Buzz)

Occasionally we find ourselves frustrated with the odd magazine cover. ELLE Spain tapped Andrés Velencoso for its April cover and our forum members aren’t a happy bunch. Not because a handsome male specimen is present on the cover, but with how the woman is used as an accessory for the cover story. Photographed by Xavi Gordo, the former face of Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport cologne was captured wearing a conservative gray turtleneck, clutching the leg of Marta Español, reminding us of Andrés’ previous campaign for Giuseppe Zanotti.

Elle Spain April 2015 André Velencoso


Forum members were quick to add their two cents. “Yikes at her being reduced to like, a disembodied mannequin. I don’t know who these two are, but you can literally only see ‘parts’ of her – save for the close-up of her face. It’s uncomfortable to look at, she’s like less than an accessory,” mistress_f shared immediately.

“I agree. That was my feeling too when I saw this. Very sad for a woman’s magazine to do this,” replied bun-bun.

Forum member mistress_f added, “Exactly. I mean I’d side-eye something like this in a man’s magazine as well, and I’m sure the likes of GQ and Details probably did it many times before, but coming from a women’s mag is just sad.” Oh, dear.

Sharing the same sentiments was littlekiki: “100% agree that she looks like an accessory. So sad.”

GIVENCHYlover was willing to overlook the situation, however. “Gorgeous cover and editorial,” he raved.

As was A.D.C.: “What I like about ELLE Spain is that they embrace the boho spirit that was once ELLE‘s signature. You can tell you are looking at an issue of ELLE when browsing their content. I wish more of their editions would have a stronger sense of identity like this.”

What’s your take on the cover? Let us know inside the thread here.