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Julianne Hough Resembles a ‘Stunned Scarecrow’ on Allure’s April Cover (Forum Buzz)

You’d better rush to the newsstand to grab the last remaining copies of Kendall Jenner‘s Allure cover, as the magazine recently unveiled its next installment. Julianne Hough stars on the mag’s April 2015 issue, shot before the lens of Allure regular Carter Smith. The American dancer, songwriter and occasional actress wears a subtle sequined chiffon bodysuit from Valentino, while sporting a smoky eye teamed with a nude lip.

Allure April 2015 Julianne Hough Carter Smith


Forum members had a lot to say about the new cover. “This is so scary, is it Halloween already?! Hair & makeup don’t go well together. The layout and those tags, awful. This magazine’s quality just keeps getting lower and lower,” discredited kokobombon, unsatisfied with the outcome.

“That eye makeup is all sorts of wrong. It’s too heavy for a nude look. She looks like she has a flu rather than looking glamorous. It’s too heavy and zombie like. They could’ve gone with a lighter color that would complement the eyes or used a darker lip color to balance out the eye. Ugh. And let’s not even start with the hair,” MON vented soon after.

Also not feeling it was orchidee: “Yikes…that is one scary cover and not in a good way.”

Forum member zoom shared the same sentiments and added, “Better suited for a Halloween October cover no doubt. Who knew the ‘stunned scarecrow’ look was a spring trend? #Fail.” Ouch.

“Vile! Bride of Frankenstein? What a random cover choice too, what does she have to promote? And all the try-hard posing. It’s a miss for me,” Benn98 informed us.

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