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Olivier Rousteing Checks His Reflection on Out Magazine’s May Cover (Forum Buzz)

We aren’t amazed Olivier Rousteing is checking his reflection on the cover of Out magazine, after posting countless selfies with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Jourdan Dunn on his highly-followed Instagram account. It’s a rare occasion when Out makes an appearance on our forums, but with Rousteing on the front cover, members couldn’t resist starting a discussion. The Balmain creative director was photographed by Pierre et Gilles for the magazine’s May 2015 issue, captured in front of an ornate mirror, providing us a unique photo while showing off the 28-year-old’s chiseled features.

OUT Magazine May 2015 Olivier Rousteing


Forum members couldn’t wait to express their opinions. “Beautiful! He’s beautiful. The picture is so gaudy and glitzy just like the house he designs for. I really like this,” approved Khabeer.

“I’m so happy for the success and fame Olivier is attracting to himself and the Balmain brand. There must [have] been an enormous amount of pressure and high expectations for him to do well. Especially for the first man of mixed-raced (man of color) of such a prestigious brand such as Balmain,” added fashionlover2001.

Also an admirer was arlekindearabal: “Oh, he certainly has the face for a Pierre et Gilles homage. He’s so pretty.”

TeeVanity was full of appreciation, too. “This is incredible, lovely cover. Out magazine’s having great covers lately, wonderful Olivier is a part of that,” he noted.

Although, not everyone was buying it. “I hate the frame overdose. It’s such an eyesore. I know it was used to make the cover look rich and regal, but it ended up looking tacky. It’s like he’s in a high end circus. I also hate how they seemed to have played with the lights to contour and highlight parts of his face but the end result just made the cover look dark,” MON immediately disapproved.

“Oh God, I really loathe this age of the ‘star designer’. This guy is becoming as frequently photographed and insufferable as his BFF Kim K. Of course the cover is excessively tacky – all that gold?” Benn98 questioned.

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