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Mixed Reviews for Rebel Wilson’s ELLE UK cover (Forum Buzz)

ELLE Australia recently secured Rebel Wilson for its April issue and now, the British edition follows suit with the unveiling of its May 2015 installment. The Aussie actress, who picked up U.K. ELLE‘s Rising Star Award at the magazine’s self-titled ceremony back in February, stood before the lens of Doug Inglish. While we appreciate the fact that ELLE has delivered an unexpected and deserving cover subject this time around, we cannot help but feel the team behind the shoot could’ve achieved a whole lot more — considering it’s the magazine’s inaugural beauty issue.

UK ELLE May 2015 Rebel Wilson Doug Inglish


Our forum members were sure to tell it like it is. “Could they hide her any more on that newsstand cover?! Might as well be Sia,” noted A.D.C.

“It sounds terrible but my instant reaction was ‘oh they cropped in’ rather than celebrating Rebel landing the cover,” Cosmic Voices said.

Sharing the same sentiments was HodanChloe, who raged, “A head-shot of course!”

Benn98 agreed: “Really glad Rebel is getting all this press and I actually like the newsstand cover. It’s got a softness and femininity which her latest Aussie ELLE lacked. That said, this cropping trend of fuller figure women must end. If a photographer cannot take a decent shot of these girls, then he shouldn’t be hired.”

“I love it. It looks old & new at the same time. Rebel looks amazing. This is gonna cause some controversy again for cropping her body off the cover,” noted WilliamsLe010919

MON was quick to show the cover some love and hailed: “This is fantastic!! I love it. Very beautiful and I love the hair effect.”

“I love the subscribers’ cover [pictured below] because they weren’t afraid to put a full body shot of a full figured woman. Kudos ELLE!” applauded [J.]Oliver.

UK ELLE May 2015 Rebel Wilson Doug Inglish


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