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Michiel Huisman and Crista Cober Look Like the Perfect Couple on Vogue Netherlands (Forum Buzz)

Following in the footsteps of George Clooney, Richard Gere, Robbie Williams and David Beckham by fronting an issue of Vogue, Michiel Huisman appears on the May issue of Vogue Netherlands, alongside model Crista Cober. The fashion world has welcomed the Dutch actor with opens arms since Baz Luhrmann cast him to star alongside Gisele Bündchen for Chanel‘s dreamy No.5 commercial. Photographed by Marc de Groot, Huisman wears a suit from Versace‘s Spring 2015 collection with Crista wrapped around his neck.

As always, the true question is, are our forum members impressed? “Who is this Michiel guy? He seems familiar. While I am happy Crista got another cover, her pose looks super awkward. It would have been better if she stood behind him or something, it looks like her leg is coming out of nowhere. Who approves of these covers, seriously?” asked KateTheGreatest immediately.

“I am quite disappointed with it [in the] sense that it doesn’t scream women’s fashion. You cannot see what she’s wearing! The makeup is hard to appreciate on such an angle. The hair is unflattering. I don’t see any body except the arm and the awkward leg. For a magazine that’s expected and is supposed to be promoting women’s fashion, they failed to meet their mission,” echoed MON.

Forum member Nomar felt the same way: “Pretty good but the cover looks like it would be more fitting for a men’s magazine.”

Many were willing to overlook the cover’s failures, however. “Love it, but then I have a major crush on Huisman. He really is being embraced by fashion!” appreciated Miss Dalloway.

“Looks good. I like it!” added DutchHomme in agreement.

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