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Marie Claire’s Five Fresh Faces 2015 Aren’t so Fresh (Forum Buzz)

For Marie Claire‘s “Fresh Faces 2015” issue, Kate Upton, Iggy AzaleaZoë Kravitz, Hailee Steinfeld and Felicity Jones are each handed their own individual cover (even if most of them have been around a bit already). As expected, the two covers that stole the spotlight in our forums were Upton’s and Azalea’s, captured by photographer Dan Martensen.

US Marie Claire May 2015 Five Covers by Dan Martensen


Members of our forums were less than impressed with the outcome. “What an underwhelming set of covers. Fresh faces? These 2 have been around for quite some time now,” complained MON as the covers started to surface. “I wonder why they felt the need to do multi-cover? I’d understand if it were all about the NEW talents then by all means give them all a cover.”

“None of these girls are fresh faces especially Zoë Kravitz, she’s been on these rising star list for about 10 years now,” echoed HodanChloe.

“They are awful but I’m dying to know if Iggy actually sells. Does anyone even like her?” KateTheGreatest asked.

Forum member tigerrogue later humored, “I know I’m looking at their faces, but I feel the choice is bum or boobs, because that’s what each is known for.”

Not everyone was left completely underwhelmed, though. “I actually don’t mind the covers. Marie Claire never has the best covers out of the fashion magazines. They are always just ‘eh’. But it is nice to see Iggy get some magazine covers. I’m surprised it took them this long,” RanThe appreciated.

“I really don’t think they’re BAD covers considering some of the actual atrocities we see monthly, they’re just uneventful,” added thenewclassic.

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