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Natasha Poly Shines Bright on Vogue Japan’s June 2015 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Magazines have deprived us of glamour this spring but Vogue Japan thankfully delivers the goods with its June edition (yes, June covers already!). Per usual, Japanese Vogue surfaced early on our forums and with Russian beauty Natasha Poly on the cover, forum members started deliberating immediately. Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, Natasha appears as if dipped in liquid gold, wearing a shimmering dress complete with poker-straight hair and minimal makeup.

Vogue Japan June 2015 Natasha Poly Giampaolo Sgura


It’s unfortunate that our forum members were left divided in their opinions. “She always slays the straight hair. That yellow is just too much though. Would have worked better had the text been all plain pink,” critiqued khyrk.

“I don’t know what to think about this cover. I honestly don’t really care about the very bright colors. It’s a great dress and all but the hair totally ruins it for me. What is with the short hair around her jaws? It’s ugly,” Valentine27 disapproved.

Also not approving of Vogue Japan’s latest was Nomar: “The tan and hair look too similar IMO. Also that open mouth annoys me.”

Style Savvy certainly failed to show enthusiasm. “What an eyesore!” he proclaimed.

The tone of the thread soon shifted, however. “What a stunning cover, all those colors look great against the dress, and she looks beautiful,” Miss Dalloway raved.

“Phew, they’re back to their best, I love it!” posted gossiping, with a sigh of relief.

“I love this cover. The pose, the dress, her hair and the vibe I’m getting from it is super rich/powerful/Versace! Good job!” Bertrando3 credited.

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