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Charlize Theron Wins Over Our Forums on UK ELLE’s June 2015 Cover (Forum Buzz)

You’re already seeing her at your local newsstand covering W magazines May issue and now Charlize Theron is plastered on U.K. ELLE. After W unfortunately missed the mark, ELLE successfully impresses with its surprisingly good June 2015 cover. The Mad Max: Fury Road actress sat for Bjarne Jonasson looking radiant and effortless (as per usual), sporting a purple jacket from Bottega Veneta.

UK Elle June 2015 Charlize Theron by Bjarne Jonasson Theron by


“It’s beautiful. Charlize is Charlize and the purple is very summerish somehow,” Srdjan announced the minute the cover surfaced.

“Beautiful! It’s the first time ELLE stunned me after a long time. Charlize is undeniably beautiful! The color scheme makes the cover perfect for summer albeit the dead background,” approved MON soon after.

In agreement was ash92: “The newsstand cover is beautiful. I love that the purple pops out a little and the pastel masthead.”

“Now this is how you do the cover. Stunning, and she is unexpected for ELLE,” Miss Dalloway hailed, echoing everyone’s sentiments.

Emmanuelle also shared a positive attitude. “I like it too! The composition is quite simple, and this clean style is very elegant. I even like the purple jacket.”

“Very nice cover. For once,” admired gossiping.

The magazine has certainly won over our forum members. “Beautiful; but I’m very surprised she landed the cover of such a youth-centric edition of ELLE, personally. Also Rosie is in the movie, surprised they didn’t get her on the cover again!” wondered honeycombchild.

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