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Katy Perry Channels Madonna on Wonderland’s Summer 2015 Cover (Forum Buzz)

We admire a magazine that doesn’t take itself too seriously and we can always rely on Wonderland to provide us with fun, wacky and innovative covers. Katy Perry becomes the magazine’s Summer 2015 cover girl, starring on not one, but three unique collectable covers for the newly-unveiled issue. Photographed by Christian Oita, one cover in particular caught the attention of our forum members.

Wonderland Summer 2015 Katy Perry by Christian Oita


But which one? “Who approved those wigs? The first one has a horrible hairline! You can actually see that it’s a wig… not appealing for a magazine. Oh my goodness drag queens should teach them a lesson. You Photoshopped her face and didn’t even bother to make that hair seamless?” asked MON.

“The first one is horrible and the other two aren’t as bad,” added Nomar.

“The first one: Just so… Madonna/90s,” noticed phungnam96.

“You know what I hate about pop stars these days?! They never go away even when they’re in between albums,” slammed A.D.C.

Benn98 wasn’t showing enthusiasm, either. “Worse still, they’re terrible models! It wasn’t this bad with actresses. I don’t like any of these covers. There’s always something artificial about a Katy Perry cover, with the exception of Vogue and Rolling Stone. Here it’s the hair, layout and awful styling. Wonderland really needs to work on their art direction.”

Feeling the same way was thatsfierce: “Yikes. I hate the backgrounds, and the wigs… and everything.”

Wonderland Summer 2015 Katy Perry by Christian Oita


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