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Elle Macpherson Returns to Modeling for Harper’s Bazaar Australia (Forum Buzz)

If a poll was taken for our favorite fashion mag, Harper’s Bazaar Australia would be up there amongst the best of them. The Aussie title has been consistent throughout the year and continues to impress our forums. As announced inside the Cover Rumor Thread back in March, Elle Macpherson stars on Bazaar‘s double June/July 2015 issue looking spectacular on a picturesque beach in the Bahamas. 

As expected, our forum members were full of praise. “I love this! It’s actually quite a nice, playful and non-literal approach to winter. Also it would be interesting to hear from Elle again after such a long time,” credited Benn98.

“This cover is beautiful! Can’t wait to see this edit,” added Emmanuelle in anticipation.

Miguelalmedia shared the same positive attitude: “Such a beautiful and inviting cover!”

Also full of enthusiasm was Bertrando3 who raved, “I love this cover, from the styling, to her face, to the layout and coloring – everything works. Australian fashion magazines nail it every time when it comes to magazine covers. They just know how to properly do it. Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ. Macpherson is a favorite of mine so I can’t wait to see the edit and hopefully a video from the cover shoot.”

“Great cover, is always a pleasure to see her,” agreed burbuja8910.

Sharing the same sentiments was KateTheGreatest. “Slightly awkward pose but so gorgeous nonetheless. Australian Bazaar does it again, they nailed it,” she hailed.

Await more from Bazaar‘s June/July 2015 issue inside our thread and drop us a comment here.